Our Story

We are a family of 6 (ages 5-37) whose vision is to change the way people shop, consume, & use the goods they purchase. Whether it be our plastic-free packaging, or the ingredients our M🌎THER L❤️VIN recipes contain, each step we take is a step toward a more sustainable future for all of mankind.
Our children have a hand in creating our homemade small batch M🌎THER L❤️VIN goods, as well as assisting with pop-up market events. We take pride in being activists, & our business practices & ethics are instilled in our children thru their service project work within the local community. Our "Soaps 4 Folks" program provides soaps to those in need, while proceeds from the sale of our foraged wood "Love Bugs" are donated to Abby's Stroll Trolls [our daughter's AIDS Walk KC team (unaffiliated)].  
We enjoy setting up our M🌎THER L❤️VIN booth at local vendor markets & fairs, whilst also supporting local small businesses & artisans thru enthusiastic collaboration. This includes filling bulk orders with local small businesses, sponsoring community service projects, & volunteering for social causes. With the roll-out of our all new M🌎THER L❤️VIN Pop-Up Markets, our family is now able to begin building local micro-communities consisting of artisans & organizations from all across the region.
 We enjoy every moment of our fun-filled M🌎THER L❤️VIN adventures together, & we aren't afraid to allow our personalities to shine thru with each interaction we have. Our ultimate goal is to establish our sustainable homestead & to teach our children valuable skill-sets that will help them achieve future success. Who needs a corporate job when you can build success as a family by applying practical skills with your own two hands?! Homesteading sustainably & self reliance, in our minds, are the keys to a healthier & happier life.
Through empowerment, we've individually established our very own unique product lines that show off our creativity & personalities within this unique family business model of our's. We encourage our children, & all people, to put their dreams & creativity into motion. You never know until you try, right?! So be sure to check-out the rustic folk art creations of Rustic Monkey Woodworks (TM), the graphic designs of KateEG Designs (TM), Solar Sisters Tea & Lemonade (TM) & our family's company branded handmade small batch M🌎THER L❤️VIN products today!